Lifestyle video production


Video is the perfect marketing tool for creative, artisan and lifestyle businesses who want to promote their product and connect with their audience in a unique and powerful way.


Our portfolio reflects the quirky and individual, from artisan designers and makers to food, music, culture and festivals as well as weddings, parties and special events.


We combine cinematographic techniques with a bespoke production process, resulting in rich sensory footage that reflects your personality and brings people, places and passions to life.


Music, voiceover or graphics can be applied during post-production and editing, as well as colour-grading to create a retro or vintage effect that adds to the overall mood and style.


We love working with smaller, indpendent businesses to help create dynamic video content that really showcases them and their passion for what they do.


Read more about How We Work or take a look at our About page for more information. We’re always happy to chat on the phone or meet with you at our studio in Bath for a no-obligation discussion, so Contact Us to see how we can help bring your ideas to life.