How we work

At Tom Dawson Visuals we guide you through each and every stage of creating video content, from initial idea through to final edit. Our creative and technical expertise ensures a professional result that is on time, on brief and on budget.

We’re always happy to discuss your plans with a no-obligation chat or an informal meeting at our studio in Bath. Once we’ve talked through your concept we provide a clear and itemised quote so that you can decide how best to proceed with your project.

Stage 1: Pre Production (idea and script development)

At this stage we work closely with you to understand more about your target audience, the message you want to communicate and the look, feel, tone and style you want to achieve with your video.

We support you in developing your ideas and advise how to create the best quality results for your budget. If required, we can also provide scriptwriting and storyboarding or work in collaboration with other members of your creative team.

Taking the time to focus on your individual needs and expectations allows us to plan the most visually engaging approach that will result in a stunning video to suit your purpose.

Stage 2: Production (the shoot)

Organising your first video shoot can feel a little overwhelming, so we’ve designed our video production services to support you in whatever way you need.

A key element of our work is to make sure you feel comfortable in front of the camera. We help you to script your message and deliver it with confidence, even if it’s your first time on screen.

We guide you through the process and provide whatever level of support you need, from finding the perfect location, obtaining permission and securing access to sourcing actors, models or voiceovers. We can manage the entire shoot or work alongside an in-house marketing department or agency.

Our production process is bespoke to your individual project. We hire any additional expertise or equipment required from our network of specialist suppliers, which keeps our overheads low and means you only pay for what you need. A detailed breakdown of all associated costs is included in our quote.

We record video in full HD (1920×1080) so you can be confident that the end result will look amazing whether it’s being viewed in High Definition or streamed online.

Stage 3: Post Production (Editing and final delivery)

Post production is where your finished video comes together. We work closely with you at this stage to choose the best footage and decide on any additional stylistic effects, soundtrack or titles. Rough edits are provided for your approval and revisions are made until you are happy with the finished result.

If you want to include audio we have an extensive archive of royalty free music and a range of voiceover artists who can record additional narrative if required.

Graphics or motion graphics can be added, and your footage can be colour graded to achieve a specific stylistic feel.

Once we have agreed the final edit we deliver your video in whatever technical format you require and can assist with uploading to online channels such as YouTube and Vimeo.